Beauty Bar Lounge is a new place on the map of beauty saloons in Cracow

I want to tell people, to open their eyes and notice the beauty where we do not expect it Jean Paul Goultier
Look divine at any age Anna Dello Russo
If a woman is happy she is also beautiful Sophia Loren
The secret of life lies in search of beauty Oscar Wilde

Our house idea is to be an escape from a fast-paced lifestyle – with us you have time to relax, let yourself take a deep breath and enjoy a moment of peace.

Beauty Bar sp. z o.o.
ul.Ślusarska 6/U2, 30-710 Kraków

email: tel: 510 118 386

NIP: 944-225-88-69

Opening hours

monday: od 10:00 do 21:00

tuesday: od 10:00 do 21:00

wednesday: od 10:00 do 21:00

thursday: od 10:00 do 21:00

friday: od 10:00 do 21:00

saturday: od 09:00 do 15:00

sunday: closed


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